Speculative Fiction By Geoffrey Lloyd Vough

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I'm happy to introduce visitors checking out my works of Speculative Fiction to another couple aspiring authors. I'm very excited to collaborate with them and would like to invite you to check out their evolving series...

the Well of Sins.

Check back with both of us often for news and updates, excerpts, and more as our collaboration grows and evolves!


When I first envisioned writing, actually crafting a full plot & characters & storyline; all that goes into it (besides formatting, which was an altogether different beast!) I wondered what genre it was that I wanted to write.

This was long before the internet so, there wasn't the availability of awesome search engines & the like. So, I thought the genre I adored most... what I would write, I'd term 'Speculative Fiction' -- realistic & also fantastic fiction; because I adore both -- historical fiction & fantasy.

Years later I found that this genre is/was already one... not mine, so to speak... o'well, =)

I am absolutely interested in hearing what readers think & conversing; this endeavor having been a project which has (every time) stressed my personal expectations... a lot.

I do so hope you've enjoyed what I've written! Thank You!

-- Geoffrey Lloyd Vough --

Below are the three original covers Jonathan Bryce Vough created for the books I've written. I wanted to use these "older" versions somehow because, though his later creations were what we settled on using (for a variety of reasons) I didn't want these to fade into obscurity.

Below are the three, each representative of the six (a seventh is coming) books involved in this multidimensional story arc. Click on the buttons below each to explore the specific pages dedicated to each "series" -- which are all interconnected.